Adolf Lazi

VW-Werkstatt, Firma Hahn, Stuttgart (Architekt Rolf Gutbrod)
Adolf Lazi

VW-Werkstatt, Firma Hahn, Stuttgart (Architekt Rolf Gutbrod)

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  • 2 vintage ferrotyped gelatin silver prints on Agfa paper

  • Jeweils 16,7 x 23 cm (17,4 x 23,6 cm)

  • München 1884 – 1955 Stuttgart

  • Each with photographer‘s and copyright stamps as well as titled and annotated in pencil in various unknown hands on the verso


Adolf Lazi, born in 1884 in Munich and died in 1955 in Stuttgart, was a prolific German photographer active from 1906, originally educated as a sculptor (1898-1900). Before the First World War, Lazi trained under Nadar in Paris, and after the War he continued his work in Freudenstadt, Naples, and Rome, finally settling in Stuttgart in 1928. The wide prominence of his studio of portraiture and industrial photography resulted in his work being awarded with the Gold Medal at the Milan Triennale (1933), and commissions for companies such as Bosch and Daimler-Benz. Being among the most significant proponents of modernist and Bauhaus aesthetics in photography, he had greatly contributed to the New Objectivity movement, partaking in the landmark exhibition "Subjektive Fotografie" at the School of Arts and Crafts in Saarbrücken (1951). Beside his widely recognized body of work, Lazi became influential as a teacher and founder of the International School of High Photography in Stuttgart (1945), currently called the Lazi Academy, which also hosts his archive and museum. Some of the most recent displays of his photography were held at the Photography Triennale in Hamburg (2015), Museum of Visual Arts in Santiago (2008), National Museum of Decorative Arts in Buenos Aires (2007), and the Stadtmuseum in Münster (2002).


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