Markus Lüpertz

Untitled Landscape (1)

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  • Paper

  • Coloured etching

  • 1996

  • Paper: ca. 51 x 43 cm, Plate: 24,4 x 19,8 cm

  • 1941, Reichenberg

  • numbered and signed

  • Landscapes are one of the important pillars of Markus Lüpertz complete works.

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    Markus Lüpertz was born in 1941 in Liberec (former Reichenberg) and raised in Rheydt in Rhineland. He is a German painter, sculptor and poet. During his art education in Krefeld and Düsseldorf he supported himself working as a construction worker, since 1961 he devoted himself exclusively to the fine arts. Lüpertz is deriving his imagery from a variety of sources, from popular culture through 17th century painting to antiquity and mythology. "Donald Duck" paintings (1963), resembling an encounter of de Kooning's "Woman" and the iconography of Pop Art, were the first which reached a wider critical appreciation. In the mid-60s, Lüpertz ran a space in West Berlin, the Gallery Großgörschen 35, together with Peter Sorge and Wolfgang Petick among others. During the decade he was completing his pieces and exhibits with manifestos promoting his idea of dithyrambic art - a passionate and enthusiastic artistic practice. The artist authored several monumental pieces, including wall painting for the Ruhleben Crematorium in West Berlin (1977). In 1989 Lüpertz designed stained-glass windows for Cathedral in Nevers. The decade of 80s brought his most important exhibitions. In 1977, alongside Georg Baselitz, he withdrew to participate in the Documenta in Kassel, nevertheless, he accepted the invitation for the next edition in 1982. In the meantime, his works were presented in the Royal Academy of Arts at "A New Spirit in Painting" (1981), shortly after, at the São Paulo Biennale and at the exhibition "Berlinart" organized by the MoMA (1987). Since 2013 his bronze sculpture "Der Morgen oder Hölderlin" is displayed in the main entrance of the Hermitage Museum. (MD)

    * "Interview Magazine", April 2014, online access:

  • Edition: 15

b. Liberec (Reichenberg), 25|04|1941; painter, sculptor, draughtsman


The feeling of failure is his most important impetus: "The picture I have painted must leave open questions that warrant the next. I am always in a crisis. Always." It was a fortune for the German art world that Lüpertz failed at his job as a label painter when he was 14 - career counselling had proposed him that job after he talked about his wish to become a painter. His next employer, a window dresser, went bankrupt. At the age of 15, Lüpertz packed his bags and said to his parents: "I am now a freelance artist!" But after his short time at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf he became at first a Foreign Legionnaire. Deserting before he could be sent to Algeria, he came to West-Berlin in 1962, were he established himself in the art scene around the gallery Großgörschen 35. With his neoexpressionistic paintings and sculptures, which repeatedly draws relations to mythical or historical motifs. After teaching at Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf until 2009, he currently works in his atelier near Berlin.

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