Stephen Craig

Undergroud Cinema

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  • Holz, Kunstst of f, Metallhaken

  • 2005

  • 27,5 x 41,2 x 29,2 cm

  • 1960

  • Signed

  • Multiple with pivoting mechanism. Spatial dimensions and cognition are major themes in Craigs works. The small ticket booth on top of the grey box simultaneously serves as an underground cinema: the work can be turned upside down and the ticket booth disappears in the inside of the box.

  • Edition der Griffelkunst-Vereinigung, Hamburg

Stephen Craig, born in 1960 in Larne, is a contemporary artist working through a range of media, from environments, sculpture, to objects and photography. He obtained his education at several institutions, firstly receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering (1976-81), subsequently turning towards art and studying Sculpture at the College of the Arts of the University of Sydney (1982-5), University of Fine Arts in Hamburg (1986-8), and Rijksakademie in Amsterdam (1990-2). The year of 1997 came out to be a decisive point in his career, with his pavilions exhibited both at the Documenta in Kassel and Sculpture Project in Münster. The broad acclaim of the works was followed by the Ludwig Gies Prize (1998) and Overbeck Award (1999); soon after the artist has been appointed professor at the University of Karlsruhe (since 2011). Craig held his solo exhibitions at venues such as the Museum Haus Lange in Krefeld (2002), Kunstverein Stuttgart (1999), and Kunstverein Münster (1997), and participated in a number of group shows, just to mention the latest "(In)possible! Artists as Architects" at the MARTa in Herford (2015). Currently the artist is living and working both in Hamburg and Karlsruhe.

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