Arthur Kampf


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  • Oil on canvas

  • 55 x 45 cm

  • Privately owned in the Rhine region

  • 1864 Aachen – 1950 Castrop-Rauxel

  • Signed below left: A. Kampf

  • This painting is a scetching on the basis of the main work of Kampf „Friedrich der Große nach dem Siebenjährigen Krieg in der Schlosskapelle zu Charlottenburg“ (Frederic the Great after the Seven Year's war at the chapel of the Charlottenburg castle) from 1902. The painting is counted to one of the most prominent works of the artist. Kampf was even given the Great Golden medal on the Great Berlin exhibition from 1902 for that work. Andreas Schroyen, Dusseldorf, will insert the painting in the catalogue of works which is still in the making

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