Albert Oehlen

The End

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  • Original drypoint-etching on chamois-coloured wove card

  • 1988

  • 211 x 124 cm

  • 1954

  • Signed, dated and numbered ‘I/III’

  • The German artist works in a variety of media. His works belong to the artistic style of the Neuen Wilden (New Wildes). Since 2000, he has been teaching at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. Traces of studio.

  • One of 3 copies aside from the numbered edition of 10

Albert Oehlen, born in 1954 in Krefeld, is among the most prolific German artists today. His primary medium is painting, for Oehlen a medium of contestation and critique aimed at cultural iconosphere, technology, or art history. After one year of living in West Berlin, the painter moved to Hamburg, where he obtained his art education at the University of Fine Arts (1978-81). Around the same time, he started to exhibit his work both individually and collaboratively, then becoming an important figure of the Neue Wilde movement. Not only recognized by gallerists and critics, Oehlen got instantly acclaimed also by fellow artists, such as Martin Kippenberger, who complimented his "Self-Portrait as a Dutch Woman" (1983) claiming "It is not possible to paint worse than that!" Oehlen partook in a number of biennials, including Buenos Aires (2000), Lyon (2003), São Paulo (2004), and Venice (2013). Currently his individual displays are on view at the at Kunsthalle Zürich (until August 2015) and the New Museum in New York (until September 2015).


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