Arnold Odermatt

Stans (aus der Serie: Im Dienst)
Arnold Odermatt

Stans (aus der Serie: Im Dienst)

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  • Chromogenic print on Ilfochrome-Classic paper.

  • 1965

  • 50 x 50 cm

  • Springer & Winckler Gallery, Berlin

  • Oberdorf/Switzerland 1925

  • Signed, dated, titled, work number and editioned 1/15 in pencil on the verso

  • Born in 1925, Arnold Odermatt is not only a photographer, he is also a Swiss police man! His works have been chosen for the 49. Biennale in Venice and were already on display at the Art Institute of Chicago and the photography museum in Winterthur.

    Dated, titled and numbered.

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    Some of the factors which can influence the price of an artwork are the edition number, the scale, the year it was executed or the condition.

  • Urs Odermatt (Ed.), Im Dienst. En service. On duty, Göttingen 2006, p. 105 with fig.

  • Editioned 1/15

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