Josef Sudek


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    1929-36 2 vintage gelatin silver prints (contact prints). 14.5 x 9.7 cm (17.8 x 12 cm). 9.8 x 14.7 cm (12 x 17.8 cm). Each with photographer's stamp on the verso. - Each with oxidation mirroring along the edges. The present advertising shots were created in correlation with Sudek's work for the 'Druzstevni Prace' DP (Cooperative Work) an association that is close to Bauhaus in spirit and to which leading artists, designers, graphic artists, businessmen and publishers belonged. In addition to a gallery, the DP also operated a publishing house that printed the magazine Panorama, which focused on questions of modern product design. Ladislav Sutnar, director of DP from 1929-1939, was a typographer and - as was Sudek - a bookbinder by trade. Among other things, Sudek photographed the books designed by Sutnar and also took product and advertising shots for publications.

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