Dieter Roth

Self portrait as dog poop in Stuttgart
Dieter Roth

Self portrait as dog poop in Stuttgart

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  • Paper

  • Colour stencil print on hand-made paper

  • 1973/74

  • 64,5 x 57,5 cm

  • 1930-1998

  • Signed

  • Dobke 273 (coloured copy)

  • Presentation copy

Dieter Roth was born in 1930 in Hanover and died in 1998 in Basel. As an artist, Roth did not limit himself to a certain medium but used a wide range of techniques. His body of works includes a mix of images, words, sounds and found objects, making it difficult to briefly categorise his work and techniques. “Those who look at the art don't realize how bad it is when they hear the music. For the music is even worse. Two bad things make one good thing”, Roth stated in 1978. His early works were strongly influenced by artists such as Jean Tinguely or Max Bill, focussing on geometric abstraction. Roth is associated with artist movements such as ZERO and Fluxus. He collaborated with several artists, including Richard Hamilton, Arnulf Reiner or his son Björn Roth. His works were shown in numerous group and solo shows all over the world, amongst others Documenta in Kassel (1968, 1977, 2002) and the Swiss Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (1982).

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