Martin Kippenberger

Sammlung Briefe aus dem Jahr
Martin Kippenberger

Sammlung Briefe aus dem Jahr

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  • 1974

  • 1953 – 1997

  • Collection of 25 protagonistic letters (84 pieces of paper, partly written on on both sides), 22 envelops and 4 post cards with 10 bigger illustrations, some smaller drawings and collages. Paper size: 20,5 x 15 until 29,5 x 21 cm. 35 photographs that show mainly the artist. These documents are from a not yet well studied period in Kippenbergers life. Letters and documents like these are extremely rare on the art market.


Equally controversial and influential, Martin Kippenberger was born in 1953 in Dortmund and died in 1997 in Vienna. Throughout his career, Kippenberger developed as actor, manager, restaurateur, curator or museologist, painter, sculptor, performer, and multimedia artist. In 1971, he settled in Hamburg, where he attended the never-finished University of Fine Arts. However, the real beginning of his practice as a visual artist should be linked with his move to Berlin in 1978, where he set up an office-studio-exhibition space together with the galerist Gisela Capitain. The following years, he started to examine the idea of the figure of the artist itself, employing another people to produce works ("Werner Kippenberger", 1982) or executing the series "Hand-Painted Pictures" (1992). Among his most notable actions, a special place belongs to the Museum of Modern Art in Syros (1993), an experimental institution, which held exhibitions of Christopher Wool and Cosima von Bonin, among others. With more than 800 exhibitions throughout the years, Kippenberger has remained a subject of interests of collectors, curators, and art historians. Today, his work is an essential part of renowned collections of the MoMA in New York, MOCA in Los Angeles, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, Tate in London, and many others.

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