Robert Rotar

Rotation 7 gelb

22,000€  *
* Total price includes shipping, taxes, and resale right (if applicable).


  • Oil on canvas

  • 80 x 80 cm

  • Die vorliegende Arbeit wird in das in Vorbereitung befindliche Werkverzeichnis von Ingrid Skiebe, Düsseldorf, unter der Nummer G 262 aufgenommen.

  • Privatsammlung, Rheinland

  • 1926 – 1999

  • Verso on canvas signed, dated and titled ‘Robert Rotar Rotation 7 gelb 1967’

  • Minor traces of age


    Rotars works are represented in some of the most important private and public collections. His work "Rotation 7 yellow" is one of the artists signature pieces. He is known as the "master of the spiral". Since the 1950s, Rotar concerned himself with this topic, as can be seen in the work at hand. His spirals are dynamic and whirling shapes, contracting or expanding. The spiral symbolizes space and time for the artist, it is the allegory of eternity.

    His work "Rotation No. 30" from 1970 was sold for a hammer price (excluding VAT and buyer's fees) of $27,084 last year.

    Some of the factors which can influence the price of an artwork are the edition number, the scale, the year it was executed or the condition.

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