Otto Piene

Regenbogen Blau (rainbow blue)
Otto Piene

Regenbogen Blau (rainbow blue)

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  • Coloured screenprint on cardboard

  • 1973

  • 100 x 70 cm

  • 1928

  • Signed

  • Piene WVZ 190

  • Exemplar 14/50

b. Laasphe, 18|04|1928, d. Berlin, 17|07|2014; painter, printmaker and environmental artist


The unique ZERO artist painted with light, fire and smoke and gave rise to colourful fire flowers and fire gouaches. "We still know so little about light", Piene said in his last interview. 1957 he, who studied art and philosophy, founded the artist association ZERO together with Heinz Mack. He wanted an artistic restart after the horible period of World War 2. The museum as an institution and exhibition space became soon too narrow for him, too cramped. He inspired the viewers with his light installations and "sky art". Piene furthermore taught as a Professor at the famous MIT. (CD)

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