A.R. Penck

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  • Faience with coloured chinoiserie and scraffito

  • Ø 47,5 cm, Höhe 7,5 cm

  • 1939

  • Signed ‘ar penck’ on the underside

  • Berlin (Droysen-Keramikgalerie Kattrin Kühn, Galerie Springer), Keramik, ar. penck, Kugel-Pyramide-Würfel, Ausst.Kat.Nr.61 mit Farbabb.


    Since 1987, A.R. Penck started to work in ceramics. Observed from different angles, it appears that the figures are moving just like in a movie. Ceramics by Penck have reached auction prices up to $ 14.000 (excluding VAT and buyer's fees). Enjoy your dinner with this artsy tableware in order to make every meal special!

    Some of the factors which can influence the price of an artwork are the edition number, the scale, the year it was executed or the condition.


The work of the noted German artist reminds the viewer of stick figures, graphic symbols and graffiti art. In the 1970s he created his so-called Standart-Pictures. Penck described this concept as an simple art form that everybody can understand and grasp instantly - just like traffic signs. The artist, who was affiliated with the "Neuen Wilden" ("The New Wilde") movement in the 1980s, has been invited to the distinguished art exhibition documenta in Kassel in 1972, 1982 and 1992.

Ralf Winkler alias A. R. Penck was born in 1939 in Dresden. A Painter, sculptor, theoretician, writer, jazz musician and one of the most influential figures in postwar art. His applications to study at the academies in East Berlin and Dresden were rejected, as well as his membership proposal for Vereinigung Bildender Künstler. His association in East Germany allowed artists to work and exhibit officially. Being independent, Penck decided to stay in East Germany and continued to paint. Despite the political situation, Penck was exhibited in West Germany and his paintings were smuggled across the boarder. The condition of humanity in the world divided between "East" and "West" is one of the leading motifs of his works, often depicted with cave-painting imagery and long silhouettes, which is reminiscent of Giacometti's sculptures (series "World Pictures"). Penck willingly returns to avantgarde and modernism, as in "Portrait of Jürgen Böttcher" (1959), in which the artist openly appropriated Gertrude Stein's portrait of Picasso. His friendship with Georg Baselitz resulted in the formation of the underground group, "Die Lücke" (referring to "Die Brücke"). His works were exhibited at Documenta in Kassel (1972) and Venice Biennale (1984). (MD)

His works are represented in various collections such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York or the Galerie Neue Meister in Dresden. He achieved a hammer price of $424,305 at an auction at Sothebys London in 2012.

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