Béla Kádár

Ohne Titel (Figur mit Stier)
Béla Kádár

Ohne Titel (Figur mit Stier)

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  • Watercolour and India ink on thin smooth paper

  • 1930

  • 30 x 35 cm

  • We thank Miklos von Bartha, Basel, for kind information dated 2014

  • Gallery Bargera; Private collection

  • 1877 – Budapest – 1955

  • Verso dated and confirmed by Béla Kádár’s daughter Zsuzsa with ballpoint pen

  • Framed under glass – The colours slightly faded, weak light-stain in mat opening


The prolific Hungarian-Jewish painter Béla Kádár was born in 1877 in Budapest, where he died in 1956. Kádár developed his style at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest in the early-1900s, subsequently working as a mural painter. Awarded with the Kohner Prize (1910), the painter set off on his first trips to Berlin and Paris, where he would have later come back, leaving his family, and immersing himself in the most current tendencies of the day, such as expressionism, post-impressionism, fauvism, cubism, pittura metafisica, and constructivism. Following his debut display at the Galerie Der Sturm in Berlin (1923) and "International Exhibition of Modern Art" (1926), the landmark show staged by the Société Anonyme at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, Kádár became immediately recognized by the international audience. Today, the artist is still praised for his unique oeuvre, bringing together the Central European culture and the aesthetics of modern painting. As such, he was posthumously devoted retrospective exhibitions at the National Gallery in Budapest (1971), Connaught Brown Gallery in London (1989), and the Judit Virág Gallery in Budapest (2002). Among numerous survey shows highlighting his work, the most notable include "Trends in Geometric Abstract Art" (1986) at the Museum of Art in Tel Aviv, "A Storm in Europe" (2003) at the Ben Uri Gallery in London, "Hungarian Modernism" (2010) at the Janos Gat Gallery in New York, "Société Anonyme - Modernism in America" shown in Los Angeles (2006) and New Haven (2012), and many others.


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