Georg Baselitz

Norweger rückwärts I

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  • Strichätzung und Zuckertuscheverschiedene Farben

  • 2013

  • Platten: 66,5 x 49,5 cm;Papier: 91 x 65 cm

  • 1938, Deutschbaselitz

  • Georg Baselitz nimmt seinen Themen oftmals aus dem näheren Umfeld. So auch mit der aktuellen Serie der Rückenansichten seiner Frau Elke in der Serie Norweger Rückwärts. Die subtile Drehung eines rückseitigen Dreiviertelportraits erzeugt einen nahezu dreidimensionalen Bildraum. Insbesondere im Dialog mehrerer Arbeiten dieser Serie entwickelt sich ein Rhythmus von Fläche und Linie, von Farbe und Form, die das volle Potential seiner grafischen Arbeiten zeigt. Typischerweise steht die Figur auf dem Kopf, so daß die Bildgenese zu einem Akt des Betrachters wird.

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  • Edition: 16/18

Georg Baselitz, born as Hans-Georg Kern in 1938 in Großbaselitz, is a key figure of contemporary German art. He is a painter, engraver, sculptor and collector of renaissance prints. With bold and fleshy brushstrokes as the main component of his artistic vocabulary, and a chainsaw and axe as his favored sculpting tools, Baselitz is primarily associated with neo-expressionism and new figuration tendencies, seen as a result of pursuits for other – than Informel and Socialist Realism – ways of expression. The artist first studied at the University of Fine and Applied Arts in East Berlin. Expelled after a year, he moved to West Berlin, where he enrolled at the University of Arts. Together with Eugen Schönebeck, in 1961 and 1962, Baselitz formulated a manifesto and organized two exhibitions in an abandoned house in Berlin-Charlottenburg, under the title "Pandämonium". That was followed by his rising critical recognition and the first individual exhibition at the Galerie Werner&Katz in Berlin (1963), also the inaugural show for the renowned gallery. For the past four decades, Baselitz has been exhibited and collected worldwide; he partook in important mega-exhibitions such as the Documenta in Kassel (1972, 1982, 1987, 1992), São Paulo Biennial (1975) and the Venice Biennale (2003), and he has been constantly at the aphex of his popularity. Recently, the artist created a homage to Willem de Kooning, one of his main gurus since the late-50s, stating "Most of what you see as freedom is de Kooning."

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