Tony Cragg

Mixed Feelings

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  • cast iron

  • 2010

  • 62 x 26 x 27cm

  • Geboren 1949 in Liverpool, Großbritannien - lebt und arbeitet in Wuppertal.

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Arguably one of the most popular British sculptors today, Tony Cragg, was born in 1949 in Liverpool. Renowned for the unique forms and materials, Cragg's work comprises not only sculpture, but also drawing, printmaking, painting, installation, and site-specific pieces; it is generally associated with the so-called New British Sculpture. The artist received his education from several schools, beginning with the Gloucestershire College of Art in Cheltenham, then moving to London to study at the Wimbledon School of Art (1970-1973) and the Royal College of Art (1973-1977). Primarily inspired by the heroes of Minimalism, Arte Povera, and land art, Cragg worked through a wide range of methods, questioning the borders between image and object. His artistic attitude quickly gained critical acclaim, leading to his solo debut at the Lisson Gallery in London (1979), and his work exhibited at the Documenta in Kassel (1982, 1987), New Delhi Triennale (1982), then biennials in Sydney (1984, 1990), and Venice (1986, 1988, 1997). Finally in 1990, the prolific period was completed by winning the esteemed Turner Prize. Later on, Cragg set up a foundation, responsible for his estate and archive, with its headquarter in the Sculpture Park Waldfrieden (from 2006). The oeuvre of Cragg as a whole has greatly influenced on the next generations of artists, additionally fueled by his lectureship at the Academy of Art in Düsseldorf (1978-2001) and many of his pieces displayed in a public space of metropolises around the world.


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