Frans Masereel

Les Bavardes

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  • Oil on canvas

  • 1965

  • 46 x 55,4 cm

  • Wir danken Peter Riede, Frans Masereel Stiftung Saarbrücken, für freundliche bestätigende Auskünfte vom 8. April 2014.

  • Privatbesitz Berlin

  • Monogrammed and dated ’FM 1965‘, signed and dated on the back of the work ’Franz Masereel 1965‘

  • Framed

  • Vorms 953


Frans Masereel was born in 1889 in Bankenberge and died in 1972 in Avinion. He was a Belgian draughtsman, engraver and illustrator, who applied the traditional technique of woodcut print to depict everyday reality, comment on political debates and the condition of the modern human. Before he settled in Paris in 1911, he obtained his art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent under Jean Delvin and Jules de Bruycker; then, after the graduation, he traveled to Tunisia, England and Germany. During World War I, Masereel was working in Bretagne and Switzerland, and illustrated poems of Roland De Mares. During this time, he also created "Great War by artists" series, a highly influential series of woodcuts criticizing the madness and irrationality of war. After the war, Masereel contributed to several journals, including "Les Tablettes", "Clarté", "Bilder Courier", but his wider artistic recognition came with his picture novels, i.e. "Passionate Journey" (1919), "Story Without Words" (1920) or "The City" (1925). His body of work, consisting of approximately 800 drawings and 2000 paintings, has been the focus of numerous studies and exhibitions. Currently, two organisations are responsible for conserving the artist's legacy – Frans Masereel Centrum (since 1972) and Foundation Frans Masereel (since 1987).

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