Bernd Zimmer

Himmel, gelb-blau

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  • Coloured lithography on Velin Bütten paper

  • Ca. 73,5 x 53,5 cm (76 x 56 cm)

  • 1948

  • Signed

  • The German painter is linked to the art movement "Die Neuen Wilden" (The New Wild). Zimmer traveled to the Sahara frequently since 1993. Inspired by the desert, he often created works close to colour dominated abstractness.

  • Nr. 81 of 120. Edition Copenhagen

Bernd Zimmer, born in 1948 in Planegg bei München, is a German painter and printmaker associated with the Neue Wilde. Raised in Bavaria, he settled in Berlin in the early-70s, where he enrolled at the Free University and studied aesthetics, philosophy and religious studies. Self-taught as a painter, after several apprenticeships in publishing and graphic design Zimmer cultivated his interests in art under the influence of Karl Horst Hödicke, Helmut Middendorf and Salomé, with whom he later founded the Galerie am Morizplatz, opened in 1977. It did not take long for him to quit his studies and devote himself exclusively to fine art, what quickly paid off. In 1979, he was awarded with the Karl Schmidt Rottluff scholarship, one year later participated in the group show "Heftige Malerei" at the Haus am Waldsee in West Berlin. Around the same time, the artist extensively traveled, visiting Mexico, Indonesia, India and Dominican Republic, and collected inspirations for his later subjects and techniques. Some of the most notable exhibitions, which solidified his place among the most important figures of German neo-expressionism, include "Berlinart 1961-1987" at the MoMA in New York and Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, the traveling group show "Refigured Painting. The German Image 1960 -1988". Later this year, his works will be displayed at "The 80s. Figurative Painting in West-Germany" (July-Oct 2015) at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt am Main and "Genial Dilletantes" (June-Oct 2015) at the Haus der Kunst in Munich.


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