August Gaul

Henne mit Küken (Hen with chicks)
August Gaul

Henne mit Küken (Hen with chicks)

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  • Bronze

  • Bronze

  • 1898

  • Height 5.8 cm. Mounted on black marble base (2 x 9 x 7 cm)

  • Private collection from southern Germany

  • Groß-Auheim near Hanau 1869 – 1921 Berlin

  • Signed ‘Gaul’ on back of cast-with plinth and with foundry mark „H.NOACK BERLIN“ on back side edge of the plinth

  • Dresden 1899, Deutsche Kunstausstellung; Potsdam 1921 (Ferdinand Möller in den Räumen der Orangerie des Parkes von Sanssouci), Potsdamer Kunstsommer 1921; Berlin 1972 (Berlin Museum), August Gaul; Hanau 2011 (Museen der Stadt Hanau), August Gaul. Die Samm

  • August Gaul was a sculptor and founding member of the Berlin Secession. On close terms with art dealers like Bruno and Paul Cassirer, he became a leading figure in the Berlin art scene before World War I. His signature artistic style were his animal sculptures.

    Recent posthumous cast. Dark brown patina.

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    Some of the factors which can influence the price of an artwork are the edition number, the scale, the year it was executed or the condition.

  • Gabler 46-1; u.a. Arthur Schulz, Deutsche Skulpturen der Neuzeit, Berlin 1900, Taf. 9; Angelo Walther, Der Bildhauer August Gaul. Leben und Werk, Phil. Diss. (Typoskript), Leipzig 1961, Nr. 226; Roland Dorn, Verzeichnis der bei Paul Cassirer nachweisbaren

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