Daniel Richter

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  • Paper. Incisioni Bütten, 70x50cm, 310g/qm

  • Lithography, 3 colours

  • 2009

  • 65x50cm

  • Editor Tabor Press Berlin

  • born 1962, Eutin

  • Tabor Press Berlin

  • Signature below right

  • Tabor Press Berlin

  • People dancing and demonstrating.

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  • Edition of 20 prints

Daniel Richter, born in 1962 in Eutin, is arguably one of the most influential German painters of the last two decades, renowned for compiling expressionists methods with punk sensitivity. In the 90s, Richter went on to study in Hamburg, developing himself under Werner Büttner at the Academy of Fine Arts, then as an assistant of Albert Oehlen. Around this time, he executed a number of pastiches, collages, and album covers. Later, exploring the possibilities of abstraction and figuration, the artist stated "A picture does not necessarily mean what the observer thinks it does. A picture can be anything possible, anything from hooligans, a surreal nightmare, a poor Max Ernst and police troops. A picture is not clear cut." *

Richter derives his imagery from a variety of sources, most of the time it is cultural iconography, or the references to art history, expressed not only in the medium of painting, but also in prints, mixed techniques, and several stage designs for opera. Richter has been recognized shortly after his graduation, beginning with the first individual display at the Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin (1995) and following shows at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn (1995), Kunsthalle Basel (1997), or the German Festival in India (2000). At the turn of 1990s and 2000s, he has been awarded with prestigious accolades, including the Otto Dix Award (1998) and Berlin's Nationalgalerie Prize (2001). Shortly after, the artist has started to teach, firstly at the University of the Arts in Berlin (2004-6), and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where he chairs the Studio of Expanded Pictorial Space. His major retrospective, with over 50 large-scale paintings, was held at the Hamburger Kunsthalle (2007). Currently his work is on view at the one-man exhibition "Hello, I love you", organized by the Schrin Kunsthalle in Frankfurt am Main (until January 2016).


* quotation source: www.stylemag.net/2008/06/21/artist-autonomous-daniel-richter-interview

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