Walter Dexel

Figuration CT

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  • Gouache and India ink on card

  • 1925

  • 32,3 x 25,1 cm

  • Private collection

  • München 1890 – 1973 Braunschweig

  • On reverse signed, dated, titled and inscribed ‘W Dexel 25 Figuration C-T ausgeführt 65 x 50 verkauft (Laszlo)’ and inscribed by an unknown hand “Gal Bargera Köln”

  • Framed under glass – The corners verso mounted to frame support, margins with minor fingerprints, corners and right edges somewhat bumped

    Walter Dexel was a German painter, commercial graphic designer, and transportation planner. He also functioned as an art historian and directed a museum in Braunschweig during the Second World War.


Walter Dexel, born in 1890 in Munich and died in 1973 in Braunschweig, was a German art historian, exhibition maker, theorist, writer, and, above all, one of the proponents of Constructivism in painting and graphic design. Between 1910 and 1914, Dexel studied archeology and art history at the University of Munich, with Heinrich Wölfflin and Botho Graef among his teachers. Interested not only in theory, but also in practice of fine arts, Dexel conducted numerous study trips to Italy and Paris, which would have greatly influenced his early work with the spirit of post-impressionism and cubism. After the First World War, Dexel worked as an exhibition commissioner at the Kunstverein in Jena. Then, curating the group show on Constructivism, he immersed himself in the movement also as an artist. After 1933, in the time he had lectured at the School of Arts and Crafts in Magdeburg, his work was defined as "degenerate" by the Third Reich regime, thus the artist was forbidden from teaching, exhibiting, and creating. Later on, he abandoned painting for several years (until 1961), remaining active as a writer and publisher. Throughout the years, his body of work has been included in a flurry of individual and collective exhibitions, such as "Word and Image" (1968) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, "Revolution and Realism" (1978) at the Altes Museum in Berlin, and "Expressionist Utopias" (1993) at the LACMA in Los Angeles, all of which solidified his place among the most significant artists of his time.


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