Robert Wilson

Einstein Chair

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  • Object: galvanised iron pipes height

  • 1976

  • approx. 228 cm and metal plinth 10 x 100 x 100 cm

  • 1941

  • The underside of plinth with edition badge. There titled, signed and numbered ‘6/6’ (scratched)

  • Hannover 1991 (Kestner-Gesellschaft), Robert Wilson, Monuments, cat. nr.5, o.S. With fig. (image of another copy)

  • Minor traces of age. The Einstein-Chair, which was used in the opera “Einstein on the Beach” as a prop during the two trial scenes, served as a model for this work. For the present, seemingly more fragile Einstein-Chair, Wilson gave up the wooden seat and the footrests and positioned the sculpture on a lower metal plinth.

  • Edition Dosi Delfini/RW Work Ltd, New York

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