Martin Dammann

Einfall (Idea)

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  • Incisioni hand-made paper

  • Lithography with 2 colors

  • 2010

  • 50cm x 70cm

  • Edition Tabor Press

  • born in 1965 in Friedrichshafen/Bodensee

  • Berlin

  • Lower right

  • The artist was born in 1965 in Friedrichshafen and studied at the Art Academies of Bremen and Berlin. He lives and works in Berlin.

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  • Edition of 18

Martin Dammann, born in 1965 in Friedrichshafen, is a prolific German visual artist. In his works absorbed with the thematics of war, military, and the army, the artist recreates old photographs, primarily from the First World War, in watercolors. Further, he is tinkering with traditional photographic techniques as a means to reenact and examine the past, questioning the ideas of history and memory, as well as mixing up truth and lie. Dammann studied at the University of Arts in Bremen (1988-92) and Berlin (1992-4). Just after his graduation, he was awarded with the Postgraduate Award of the City of Berlin (1995) and DAAD scholarship (1997), and held first exhibitions at the Ostrobothnian Museum in Vaasa (1994), Galerie 21 in Sankt Petersburg (1995), and the Galerie Herold in Bremen (1996). Throughout the years, he also produced a vast body of video work, including a collaboration with Udo Steinmann ("Virillium Boys", 1994), or the frequently displayed "Collecting militaria gives you something to talk about" (2006). In 2015, his work is on view at the Kunsthalle in Nuremberg, KW Institute in Berlin, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.

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