Cosima von Bonin

Dirk's Mates (Pierre, Aal, Hund)
Cosima von Bonin

Dirk's Mates (Pierre, Aal, Hund)

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  • Samtfutteral, Samt, Filz, Sand

  • Velvet, sand, felt

  • 2003

  • Ca. 70 x 4 x 2 cm, 55 x 7 x 2 bzw. 27 x 17 x 0,5 cm

  • 1962

  • Monogrammed

  • This work consists of three parts. The application of materials which are rich in contrast are typical for the Kenia-born artist. She is a prominent representative of conceptual art and works with media such as film, installation, textiles. Her main focuses lies on social relationships. The mysterious composition in this work leaves room for various interpretations.

  • Nr. 53 of 100 copies. Edition Texte zur Kunst

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