Richard Armendariz

Crow helps whale to the ocean or how bear lost fire
Richard Armendariz

Crow helps whale to the ocean or how bear lost fire

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  • Paper: Arches Bütten, sheets of paper, 121x96,5cm, 350g/qm

  • Woodcut, 1 colour, blue

  • 2013

  • 121x96,5cm

  • Editor R.Armendariz

  • born 1970, El Paso, Texas

  • Tabor Press Berlin

  • Signature on back

  • Künstlerhaus Bethanien

  • Crow with wale and bear. Two ancient myths of the Inuits are depicted in this painting. One myth tells the story of a raven (a god) who wants to save a stranded wale. The Great Spirit tells the raven to eat mushrooms. These mushrooms gave the raven the right strength to push the wale back into the sea. The second myth tells us of the bears who owned the fire. They nourished the fire with wood and kept it safe. One day they forgot about the fire and it almost died. Humans heard the suffering screams of the fire and saved it by feeding it with wood. When the bears returned the flames burned them. From that day on the fire belonged to the humans.

  • Edition of 5 prints, 2 artist proofs (a.p.)

Richard Armendariz, born in 1970 in El Paso, is a prolific American painter and printmaker. Renowned for his self-developed techniques, such as carving and burning, the artist produces multi-layered images referring to cultural memory of a specific place. Raised and educated in Texas, where he still lives, Armendariz received a BFA degree from the University of Texas in San Antonio (1994-6), continuing at the University of Colorado in Boulder (1997-9). Beginning only in 1994, the artist has been featured in a number of collective and individual exhibitions, with his critical and curatorial acclaim rising throughout the North and South Americas. Some of his most important exhibitions were staged in venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Fort Collins, Museum of Art in Santiago de Chile (1998), Denver Art Museum (2004), Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin (2008), or more recently the Künstlerhaus Bethanien (2013), following his residency in Berlin. Since 2010, the artist has been lecturing at the Department of Art and Art History of his alma mater, the University of Texas in San Antonio.

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