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    2004. Colour aquatint etching on card. 114.5 x 112.5 cm. Framed under glass. Signed and numbered verso. Proof 139/145 (+35 AP). Edition Paragon Press, London.

Damien Hirst, born in 1965 in Bristol, is a British artist no one needs to be introduced to. Hirst completed his art education at the Goldsmiths College (1986-9), a cradle of what was later recognized as the Young British Art, along with artists such as Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Liam Gillick, Gary Hume, Sam Taylor-Wood. Hirst became a leader from the very beginning by organizing "Freeze" exhibition (1988) in Docklands in London, and later by getting Charles Saatchi's support which helped him to develop his formaldehyde vitrines series. It led to his nomination for the Turner Prize in 1992 and later exhibits, such as the Venice Biennale (1993, 1999) or another seminal exhibition of the Young British Art in it's golden age, "Sensation" (1997) at the Royal Academy in London. By employing the big topics, such as life, death, love or decay, expressed in monumental installations made from dead animals, sculls, diamonds or medicines, his works received both critical praise and disapproval. Among his other activities, the most relevant (and still integral with his body of works) were collaboration with the britpop band Blur on their video for "Country House", and several restaurants, as "Pharmacy" in Nothing Hill.

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