Bernard Schultze

Bunte Menschen-Trümmer

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  • Tongue collage: ballpen, collaged, on card

  • 60 x 42,5 cm

  • Die vorliegende Arbeit ist im handschriftlichen Werkverzeichnis des Künstlers registriert.

  • 1915 – 2005

  • Signed, dated and titled ‘“bunte Menschen-Trümmer” Bernard Schultze 64

  • Framed under glass – Minor traces of age


The German painter Bernard Schultze was born in 1915 in Pila (former Schneidemühl) and died in 2005 in Cologne. Schultze studied at the University of Arts Berlin and the Academy of Fine Arts Düsseldorf (1934-39). During the Second World War, all his works were destroyed as a result of an air raid on Berlin in 1945. After the War, he moved to Frankfurt am Main, where he stayed until 1968. During this period, the artist frequently traveled to Paris and familiarised himself withTachisme and Art Informel. Under the influence of Wols and the idea of automatism, his artistic style matured and hefounded the Frankfurt artistic group Quadriga (together with Otto Greis, Heinz Kreutz and Karl Otto Götz). Throughout his career, he was experimenting with other techniques, such as grissaile, watercolor, collage, as well as installations and sculptures. Schultze received many prestigious awards and was featured in several solo and group exhibitions, such as the Documenta in Kassel (1959, 1964, 1977).

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