Toni Schneiders

Bodensee vor Kressbronn

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  • Vintage ferrotyped gelatin silver print on Leonar paper

  • Probably 1960

  • 29,2 x 21,1 cm (29,2 x 23 cm)

  • Urbar/Koblenz 1920 – 2006 Lindau/Bodensee

  • Signed, titled and indications for reproduction in pencil as well as photographer’s stamp on the verso

  • Among other things, the German photographer worked as a reporter and travel- and advertising photographer. In 1949, he moved to Lindau an founded the artist group fotoform together with Peter Keetman, Siegfried Lauterwasser, Wolfgang Reisewitz, Otto Steinert and Ludwig Windstoße. In 1999, he received the Kulturpreis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photographie, an art award for photography.

    Titled and stamped.

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