Rainer Fetting

Äpfel (apple)

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  • Coloured lithography on Arches

  • 1999

  • 76 x 56 cm

  • 1949

  • Signed

  • Exemplar 70/120

One of the most important proponents of the German Neo-expressionism, Rainer Fetting was born in 1949 in Wilhelmshaven. Working through a wide range of media, Fetting is primarily known for painting, which he studied under Hans Jaenisch at the University of Arts in Berlin (1972-1978). By the end of his studies, the artist set up the Galerie am Moritzplatz in Berlin (1977), which became the cradle of the emerging revolutionary tendencies in culture, music and art, under the label of the Neue Wilde movement. Awarded with the DAAD scholarship grant, Fetting went to New York, and then started to extensively exhibit his art at the most renowned venues all over the world. Beside numerous events at the Galerie am Moritzplatz, Fetting partook in "A New Spirit of Painting" at the Royal Academy of Arts in London (1981), Venice Biennale (1982), and the MoMA's "International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture" (1984) and "Berlinart 1967-1987" (1987), among the most important shows which solidified his place on the international art world scene. In the mid-80s, the artist executed his first bronze sculptures, with the best example in the monumental figure of Willy Brandt, executed in 1996. Widely exhibited and collected, Rainer Fetting presently lives and works between Berlin and New York. His work is a part of renowned museum and public art collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Fondation Cartier in Paris, Berlinische Galerie, and the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt am Main.


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