Peter Keetman

Abendliche Landstraße bei Bernau (evening atmosphere on a road near Bernau)
Peter Keetman

Abendliche Landstraße bei Bernau (evening atmosphere on a road near Bernau)

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  • Ferrotyped gelatin silver print on Agfa paper, printed later

  • 1956

  • 30,2 x 23,2 cm (30,8 x 23,8 cm)

  • From the photographer to the present owner; private collection, southern Germany

  • Wuppertal 1916 – 2005 Marquartstein

  • Signed, dated, titled and negative number in pencil as well as photographer’s stamp on the verso

  • Born in 1916, the German photographer was one of the co-founders of the artist group fotoform in 1949 and had great influence on photography in the 1950s.

    Small retouching lower edge. Matted.

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  • Rolf Sachsse, Peter Keetman. Bewegung und Struktur, Amsterdam 1996, p. 103 with fig.


Peter Keetman, born in 1916 in Elberfield and died in 2005 in Marquarstein, was a prominent German photographer, and one of the founding members of the group Fotoform. Between 1935 and 1937 he studied at the State Academy of Photodesign in Munich. Interrupted by World War II, Keetman continued his studies after 1945, receiving a master diploma in 1948. Alongside Ludwig Windstoßer or Otto Steinert, among other members of the Fotoform, Keetman became one of the most influential proponents of the innovative approach in photography, partaking the most esteemed shows of the day, such as "Subjective Photography" (1951) and the festival Photokina in Cologne. Soon after, he produced one of his well-known set "A week at the Factory" (1953), commissioned by Volkswagen, a series regarded as the great return to aesthetics and ideas of the interwar period. The work of Keetman has remained an interesting subject to a number of displays until now, recently featured in survey exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Rostock (2015), Folkwang Museum in Essen (2012), Museum Tinguely in Basel (2011), and the Art Institute of Chicago (2008).

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