Karl Horst Hödicke

2 und 2 (2 and 2)

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  • hand-made paper, cardboard, arches

  • 2 colored lithography

  • 1998

  • 92cm x 12cm

  • Artist print

  • born in 1938 in Nürnberg

  • Berlin

  • Lower right

  • The artist was born in 1938 in Nürnberg (Germany) and is one of the most important characters of Neuen Figuration (New Figuration), a movement after World War 2 that focused on figurative painting. In 1964, he and some other artists such as Markus Lüpertz founded the legendary artist gallery Großgörschen 35. At the first exhibition the gallery displayed, one of Hödickes works won the Kunstpreis der Jugend für Malerei (an art award for young painting). In the 1960s, he lived in the USA for some time where he filmed short movies which focused on his stay in New York.

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    1.) Frauen lieben Diolen from 1964, Kunsthaus Lempertz on November 21st, 1997.
    Price excluding buyer's premium $ 1.262

  • Edition of 11

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